Down Pillow – Your Soft Cuddly Buddy For Night

Reservoir, Mar 13, 2019 ( – Many people already know what a down pillow is; it’s a soft cuddling pillow which can be modelled and crunched as per our head no matter whatever our sleeping position is. It is an animal product made out of feathers of geese and duck. It can be restored and re-cased. Down pillow is available in the market with different varieties of thickness and it also comes in different sized, suitable for your need. The most preferred down pillow is goose down pillow rather than duck down pillow as it is more feathery.

Benefits of Down Pillow

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The main benefit of a down pillow is that it provides comfort to the person sleeping on it. It shapes as per the head and neck of the person sleeping on it making it comfortable. Due to this, the airflow around the head and neck is easy and the pillow can breathe easily. This is best for the people who feel they have a warm head in the night because of the air circulation around the pillow and its light consistency.

As we all know that the pillows need to be shaken frequently but due to soft quills in the down pillow, it’s not a problem. It has amazing durability if taken extra care. With a pillowcase, you are good to go up to 10 years. Washing instructions differ from company to company. They are healthy as they are made from a natural material which makes them anti-allergic. But to keep it as healthy and fluffy always, it should be washed regularly.

Pillow Facts

Why is a good pillow needed to sleep properly?

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A pillow is needed to be in synchrony with the mattress to fill the gap between the ear and shoulder. Pillows are not only used to keep it under our head it can be used for different purposes like additional pillows can help your spin to be in good position or put under the stomach to avoid lower back pain. It is said that the healthiest sleeping position is side sleeping position but it cannot be done if there is no proper pillow support.

To fulfil every pillow need that a person can want, brings multiple varieties of pillow including the comfy down pillow. Good sleep can improve your quality of life as it directly affects your health. It may seem impossible to control the position of our sleep while sleeping but we can control the fact about which pillow we choose to sleep on. Down pillow is often preferred due to its malleable quality but it also has good insulation properties which stops them to get too hot or too cold. It has been observed that while changing the sides in the pillow, the person experiences change in the temperature due to which their sleep is disturbed but not with down pillows due to its shielding properties.

Duck or Goose down Pillow

In some instances, the duck down can be better than the goose down pillows but most of the times due to its fluffier quality and resilience, goose down pillow will always remain one step ahead. The goose feather is also softer than the duck feather which produces soft plumages for the pillow. Due to a large amount of goose feather it has the ability to be warm without weight.

Down pillow has always been a mark of pure luxury and comfort. They are the first priority when it comes to designing a great bedroom due to its ability to be soft and be comfortable at the same time.

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