Flushing of Wipes is No Longer a Problem

You are now free to flush

Lees Summit, Mar 14, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Wipes and flushable users do not have to feel that they are “criminals” as implied by some local municipalities and their news outlets.

Europeans began using wipes some years before we, here, in the United States caught on to the improved sanitation additions. Pump clogging problems plagued the early European users, but an enterprising manufacturer in France solved that problem. It’s available in the U.S.A. now. The municipalities are facing clogging issues because they continue to use pumping methods that were designed in 1954. These old systems use a wet well, a tank or cylinder in the ground, that collects and stores flushed raw sewage in the neighborhoods waiting to be pumped to the treatment plant.

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The pumps still in use are a type, again introduced in 1954, that is submerged in the wastewater in the wet well. These submersible pumps lend themselves to becoming clogged with wipes and other flushables that are now part of our current lifestyle.

These old designs are probably in use in your city. You can ask your city if “they use wet wells and submersible pumps.” If the answer is “yes” then you’ll know that they have not modernized and are still using 65-year-old pumping designs.

If they have not modernized and must service clogged pumps as well, there is a good bet that the operating costs are much higher than they have to be. This is your taxpayer and/or ratepayer money that could be saved. And still, the wipes users are getting the blame for these extra costs.

There is a free publication that you can give to your city water/wastewater department to describe the modern systems to eliminate many costs that they pass on to you. Just request the free eBook “Now is the Time for Modern Lift Stations” from the following web site.
There is an eBook, “Freedom to Flush” that will exonerate you as a user of wipes or other flushables in your current lifestyle. See the website www.freedom-to-flush.com for details.

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