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New York City, Mar 13, 2019 ( – iTTi is organizing weekly presentations for college communities and surrounding communities in New York/New Jersey areas this spring for individuals interested in teaching abroad. All are invited to attend. To learn if there is one in your local area, contact [email protected] While the program is best suited for young professionals or recent graduates who are often not tied down by family, work or financial responsibilities, it is adaptable to most individuals. The best part is that certification can be completed in 4 weeks and it is good for life!

Some memories are unforgettable. Imagine walking along the bustling walkway of Westminster Bridge, overlooking the River Thames that is towered over them by the historic Big Ben clock tower or drinking mint tea at Café Hafa while taking in the bay of Tangier feeling the calm wind off the Straits of Gibraltar or hanging out on a cool night in the social clubs of Khao San Road fully immersed in the Thai cultural life. These are often the experience of English teachers in the English teaching industry. As Mr. Cury, an industry leader and owner of International TEFL Training Institute (iTTi), puts it, “We work in 2 industries education and tourism.”

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With centers in cities around the globe like New York, Paris, London Dubai, Istanbul, Sao Paulo, Toronto, Hanoi, Bangkok, Tangier, and South Africa, there are opportunities for teachers to experience culture and adventure wherever their interests lie.

Besides the adventure, teachers can expect salaries and accommodations including airfare, airport pick-up, health insurance, housing, and local travel stipend.

Teachers are required to do real work. Teachers can expect to work 20 to 35 hours per week. They prepare lesson plans, conduct student evaluations, and demonstrate models of native English speaker grammar rules and utilize teaching methodologies. Here is where iTTi and other industry leaders fill a market need. They help qualified individuals to acquire and demonstrate competencies to meet international standards to teach English. Besides teacher training, iTTi provides job placement assistance upon request. Through its vast global network with schools, recruiters and partners, they are able to connect teachers with employers in cities and countries around the world.

Returning home with unforgettable memories is a small reward for teaching abroad. Language teachers gain a unique perspective and acquire unique skill-sets. These are great assets to add to a professional portfolio or resume. It really stands out to employers when considering a pool of similar candidates. More importantly, practical skills acquired are easily adaptable to business, medical, and social science fields.  According to the First Destinations for the College Class of 2017 study, the bottom five major programs in terms of employment after graduation were biology, the physical sciences, general studies, history, and philosophy.  Less than 40% are employed after earning a baccalaureate. In terms of employability and starting salaries, “Career-oriented disciplines tended to dominate.” iTTi provides a practical stop-gap career-oriented path.

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The presentations are free. They are being hosted by experienced teachers glad to share their knowledge about teaching abroad.

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