New Rapper from Mississippi SLATER’s Tracks have Some Addictive Beats


Jackson, Mar 14, 2019 ( – DiceGod $later aka $LATER is one of the eminent rap artists in the music world.  His tracks are produced under DiceGang Mafia Musicc©/Indie label. He is the CEO of the DiceGang and he will very soon launch his mixtapes. His tracks have all the elements of hip-hop and rap music and there is a perfect balance of all. The intro part in his track has soothing music that sets the mood of the track. The beats and the rhythm in $LATER’s track ‘HotBoxxx’ are well build as well as perfectly balanced to hold the listener’s attention tightly. There is a clear contrast between the music and lyrics in his tracks that engage more audience. 

The hook in new rapper from Mississippi $LATER‘s track ‘Good Bros‘ is bright and memorable. The track portrays his clear love for music and also good vibes. The whole thing in the track creates a great impact on the listeners and lingers in their mind for a longer period of time. The music in the track loops out and surrounds the listeners in a striking manner. The confident and expressive vocal style consistently reflects the underlying sentiments of each part. The vocal performance and instruments in $LATER’s track ‘Next Move!’ work well together to invite the listeners into the new experience. The latter half of the track introduces some contrasting level of energy.

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The flawless and rhythmic performance in Mississippi rap artist $LATER‘s tracking ‘.223’ works perfectly to keep the listeners entertained and as well as the vibe is strong. Some of his other tracks are ‘Winnin’, ‘GodDamn!’, ‘Long Time’, and many others.  If you want to listen to some of his other tracks then you must tune to the popular music streaming site Soundcloud. To get more updates about $LATER’s upcoming music then do follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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Good Bros by LATER

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