Newbie Artist Ching Ling Mulla’s Track ‘He A Goner’ has a Heart-Melting Tune

Ching Ling Mulla

Lorain, Mar 13, 2019 ( – All Hip-hop music lovers must not miss Ching Ling Mulla‘s track on Spotify. Her tracks have a perfect balance of the elements and are executed in hypnotic fashion.  She is a beautiful songwriter and writes her own songs. The opening part of her track ‘He A Goner’ sets the mood.  The way she used music with the lyrics it complements each other in a beautiful way. In none of the place in this composition people will feel bored.  The musicality is so ear soothing that it forces the listeners to listen again.  From the start till the end she crafted the music and lyrics in such a way that it keeps the listeners entertained throughout.

Ching Ling Mulla‘s vocal performance in the track ‘He A Goner‘ is outstanding.  The way she crafted the lyrics and also executed it makes the listener understand the sentiments in the track. The track provides retro vibes and essence of the classic hip-hop genre. The rhythm and the energy in the track ‘He A Goner’ is surprisingly uplifting.  The music and the lyrics are so captivating it changes the ambiance of the room. Every element in the track is in proper proportion that fills the listener’s mind with positivity.

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Upcoming Hip-hop star Ching Ling Mulla‘s track ‘He A Goner’ lingers in the mind of the listeners after hearing to it once. The balance between the rap and melody in the track is amazing.   If you want to know more about her upcoming music and events then don’t forget to follow her on the Social sites Facebook and Instagram


He A Goner :

He A Goner

Source :Ching Ling Mulla

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