Nigerian Monarch Queen Ugwunwa Is setting up to Announce Foreign Nations Association Meet

 African Regina Ugwunwa Ajike

San Francisco, Mar 14, 2019 ( – The beautiful and multi-versatile Nigerian Monarch, Her Majesty Queen Ugwunwa Ajike, has made an announcement of her setting up of Foreign Nations Associations with a tax-oriented focus. She is the daughter of the most respectful politician, royal and head of Nigerian Police Kalu Kalu Ajike, who is held with great dignity and honour by the Nigerians as he was the first person who ruled entire Nigeria and he was called the governor and the head of the state by the people of Nigeria. Kalu Kalu Ajike was also the founder of Nigerian parliamentary constitution.

Her Majesty Queen Ugwunwa has kept her father’s legacy by doing great things for the benefit of the people of Nigeria and wants to bring the country amongst the top name with the other countries. With her decision to organize a Foreign Nations Associations, she wishes to work with many other countries and also want to become an active member in the association. Her Majesty Queen Ugwunwa is working on various aspects to successfully organize the first annual meeting of the political summit as a chief president Foreign Nations Associations. The association’s main objective aligns to a great extent with the United Nations, with its focus on tax and to promote international co-operation.

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African Grand Duchess Ugwunwa is a very creative personality. She is also very passionate towards her acting career and has excelled well as a director, producer and an entrepreneur. However, the main goal of the kind-hearted Ohafia Queen is dedicatedly working for the wellbeing of the people and her nation. Also, she is recently looking forward to the successful completion of the contemporary general hospital which according to her is going to be the ‘best hospital in Africa’. Empress Ugwunwa is an heiress to numerous properties and other financial assets all over the world. Her kindness, gratitude and positive approach to building a better Nigeria will definitely rank her amongst the top women globally. She is truly justifying the great respect her father had in the country.

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