The Versatile Fusion Bought Forward by the Band They Found Tom is Captivating People Worldwide

They Found TomWishing Wells

Arvin, Mar 14, 2019 ( – Blending digital and captivating musical rhythms the indie based band They Found Tom has been dominating the music industry for quite some time now. Hailing from the United States they are extremely popular among all the age groups when it comes to pleasing the audience with their music. Though the band is known as an indie based band, they are the members forming the band are multi-genre artists who focus of multiple genres and this can be seen by the compositions they have launched to the public. Among the tracks they are known for ‘Wishing Wells‘ stood out for the crowd among their collection.

The track ‘Wishing Wells’ has creative song writing that vibes of all the indie storytelling that this genre is associated with. The calming soothing soundscape that the band imbibed in this track is hypnotic with its melodic outburst. The track begins with subtle sounds and the entire song is kept that way with only the vocals piercing through the soothing soundscape. The backdrop is kept low with no much infusion of beats and bass. The band while creating their compositions wanted to convey a story through each of their songs and this captivating factor enables them having fan bases worldwide.

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Compared to these two of the other tracks ‘Leave It to Me’ and ‘Holy Water’ has entirely themes incorporated in them. The band They Found Tom covers a wide range of issues through their compositions and each time presenting the audience with something new to enjoy. The band aims at making a positive influence on people lives through their music. They Found Tom encourages their fans to come forward and share their stories with the world as they have been doing with their music. You can connect with the band They Found Tom through their Soundcloud profile.

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