Alex Jones and Triptekt Productions have the same logo

Melbourne, Mar 15, 2019 ( – Jarrod A. Freeman (Owner of Triptekt Productions) and (No science, No Studies) (NsNs)

Jarrod A. Freeman and Alex Jones (Infowars) have the same logo. 

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Jarrod A. Freeman, Was casually watching a Joe Rogan podcast with Alex Jones when he noticed Alex Jones was wearing a really interesting designed shirt. Jarrod shrugged it off. 

Then looked again later and realized the shirt logo is the same as Triptekt and NsNs so Jarrod A. Freeman, Tweeted and Instagrammed the event.

Jarrod A. Freeman, Thinks it’s awesome that his logo is matched with the infamous Alex Jones, Alex Jones is Jarrod’s favourite YouTuber, Jarrod A. Freeman, Is going to buy a few shirts.

Jarrod A. Freeman stated

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‘I had no idea Alex had the same logo, Please don’t sue me’


*Podcast with Joe Rogan And Alex Jones

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