Authentic Musicianship of Hip-hop Artist 6lobe is an Undulating Journey of Extraordinary Sound

Green Feeling by 6lobe

Auckland, Mar 15, 2019 ( – As time has flown into structural changes of social progression, the flavors of hip-hop have also adapted with the cultural appreciation of global audience. 6lobe is the newest protégé of hip-hop’s collective extravaganza who is creating territorial lines of modern poetry with his spontaneous skills as a lyricist. A distinct arrangement that promotes sound and rhythmic qualities, 6lobe paints a picture that is utterly relatable to the mass in some of the most familiar ways. He is a prodigy carrying the good qualities of an insightful musician objectifying the free-spirited outlook on life. His songs are a cultural celebration that makes the audience looks for hope in the global monotony of life.

Based out of Australia, 6lobe believes in originality of creative free speech. As a result, he pens his own songs without interfering with digital help, a custom that many musicians adopt in the frenzy of excessive shortcuts of the fast-paced life. 6lobe creates a lyrical saga of graphic storytelling that makes his sound all the more illustrious. Some of his songs like ‘Green Feeling‘ and ‘LS Anthem‘ are two of his career-defining work of art that have created substantial buzz among music enthusiasts. As he continues to grow and expand his façade of hip-hop’s radical flow of order, there is just no stopping him.

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6lobe welcomes creative wisdom with open arms that work both as inspiration and elemental fragments in the construction of his own musical style. He is here to conquer global hip-hop charts and make the best critical and commercial hits to sway the audience off their feet. His objective with his passion is to put together his own feelings of linear perspectives through a sound stream promoting thematic depiction of stories. Be a part of this experience of sublime territories of hip-hop by following his work on Soundcloud right now.

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