Vickie Sargent-Kler: A Pastor’s Wife Who Is On The Roll!

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Tampa, Mar 18, 2019 ( – Vickie Sargent-Kler is an avid reader and writer; when she’s not facilitating the ladies Bible study, or teaching Good News Club, she is chauffeuring her two teenage children. Most importantly, she is a joyful PW (pastor’s wife) and she does all of this from her wheelchair. Born fifty-seven years ago with Spina bifida, a birth defect where a portion of the neural tube fails to develop or close properly and causes defects in the spinal cord. Vickie walked with crutches and leg braces most of her younger life, but today you will find her in her wheelchair speeding around First Congregational Church of Zephyrhills passing out hugs and support to her Pastor husband’s loving congregation. She feels that God has blessed her with the desire to share stories that will make a difference in women’s lives.

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Her website will discuss issues about depression, prayer, parenting, marriage, and friendship based on experiences in life and relating them to scripture.

When asked about how her disability has affected her life, she said “I have never let my physical challenges keep me from doing what I like and enjoying my life to the fullest. But I do believe that growing up with a disability has played a large role in all the things that I have to share with others.”

We asked Vickie, have you always been active in the church? She told us, “No, being born the way I was, I really didn’t feel loved by God, so I didn’t want to love him. It was because of my husband that I started to have a relationship with God; he took me to church with his family and I learned, over time, that my disability is really an ability that God has blessed me with.”

What do you plan to do with this ability? “I plan on using my love of writing to connect women together, by blogging, and writing a daily devotional that deals with our everyday life. Where ever they are on their spiritual journey, able-bodied or not, married or single, with kids or not we are all women with concerns.

Do you feel that a blog is still a viable way to reach women with your message? “Yes, because it is short, women have so much to do they don’t need one more long term commitment every day. With my blog, they can stop by any time to relax and hear what God wanted me to share.”

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How often will you post, and how long are they? “I will try to make them take only 5 minutes to read and at least one to two new postings a week.”

Why did you decide to call it Confessions from a Pastor’s wife? “I wanted my readers to know that even Pastors wives have challenges and that I would be sharing my own personal perspective on these issues. I would like them to feel as if we are having an intimate talk over a cup of tea.”

Vickie, do you have any thoughts that you would like to leave with us? “When I was growing up, I became very inspired by Helen Keller, she showed me that we don’t have to be defined by our disabilities. So I will share my favorite quote from her. ‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.’ I don’t know about you, but I want an adventure.”

I found Vickie to be honest and open and I enjoyed our time together. The way that she approaches life in spite of her disability is an inspiration for all of us. I am looking forward to reading her blog and I hope all of you will go check it out as well.

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