Esteemed High School Teacher and Coach Timothy Bosque Retires

San Rafael, Mar 20, 2019 ( – Timothy Bosque has served his community as a successful math teacher and football coach for 32 years. He now welcomes retirement with plans to continue helping others.

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If you’ve lived in the Bay Area, you may have heard of Timothy Bosque. He is a well-known math teacher, football coach, youth group minister and volunteer in the area. Bosque’s friends refer to him as kind, caring, compassionate, and empathetic. His students will miss him as he heads into retirement in 2019. He leaves behind a 32-year-long teaching legacy.

What Made Timothy Bosque Want to Become a Teacher?

If you ask Timothy Bosque why he decided to become a math teacher, he’ll point you to his professional inspiration – his father. “My father was a teacher and school administrator for 30 years,” Bosque says. “I always looked up to him and realized at an early age I’d also like to give back to the community in that way.” Bosque always had a talent for mathematics and pursued his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.

He worked hard, earned his degree from the University of California, San Diego, and then continued on to receive his California Teaching Credential in Mathematics from San Francisco State University in 1986. His time in school helped him develop skills that enabled him to be a highly effective and successful math teacher. He gained analytical thinking skills, for example, which he uses during tutoring sessions.

“I constantly analyze students’ comprehension of a subject to best determine how to facilitate understanding,” he says. “My methods build confidence in each student, fill in any gaps in fundamentals, and personalize difficult concepts through real-world examples.” Although he’s now officially retired, Bosque hasn’t given up teaching entirely. He’s open to a part-time position if it will allow him to keep serving others. He’s also considered becoming a math tutor for underprivileged students in his community.

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Where’s Timothy Bosque Now?

Timothy Bosque developed a love for volunteering to help the homeless and the needy during his time living in New York City. He plans to continue in that regard during retirement, volunteering his time and energy to projects near him. He currently lives in San Rafael, California.

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