Rock Band RockWeller’s Song ‘Heartbreaker’ is a Fulfilling Variation of Riffs and Tonal Qualities

Heartbreaker by RockWeller Independent

Singapore, Mar 20, 2019 ( – The intricacies of rock have gone through subjective alterations of systematic changes that have put together some of the most incredible tracks of our times. Rock and its undulating verses of differential flavors are being deconstructed and made into a beautiful blend of insightful and groove-worthy tracks by RockWeller. Based out of Singapore, this band is a true form of artistic creativity in its collective arrangement of drums, bass, guitar and vocals that stand as a tribute to contemporary rock and its lateral depiction. Their newly released single from their much-anticipated EP Graceland, ‘Heartbreaker‘ is a satirical instinct of musical territories that makes its experience a divergent one. Static riffs that flow into an uneven tune with drums and changing baselines adorning the entirety of the song, it is a vocal distortion of harmonies and melodies that create exceptional magic.

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RockWeller after years of self-development, experience gathering and interpersonal wisdom modulation, they are all set to release their very first EP called Graceland that surpasses the significant territories of love, faith and the expanse of life and its shenanigans. ‘Heartbreaker‘, one of the most well-received songs from the EP is a light-hearted venture along the lines of pop-rock that inspires everyone to achieve their dreams irrespective of their superficial and innermost shortcomings. However, the other songs of their EP like ‘Graceland’, ‘Bigger!Faster!Louder!’ and ‘The Killing Fields’ all imbibe the band’s experiential analogies of their own lives put together in complete melodious anarchy. Their regional popularity in Singapore has made them one of the most celebrated touring bands around the area as they put their best foot forward to take their sound to the global spectrum of music’s limitless dynamics.

The members of RockWeller have told their own stories through their lyrical progression that have made their work more incredible. Each song deals with important enclaves of one’s physical and mental growth through the complexities of life. As they continue to expand by the second, the audience engagement and fan base too, are growing at an exceptional rate. Follow their work to feel the influential sagas of rock’s distinct metamorphosis on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Reverbnation, and their own official website today!

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