Phuong Kubacki to star in feature film ‘John Light’ with Dean Cain.

Phuong Kubacki

Phoenix, Mar 20, 2019 ( – Written by Dave Welty and directed by Jason Campbell, ‘John Light’ centers around a dangerous prisoner John(Michael Ochotorena) who is trying to adjust to life after being released.

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 The role of Samantha is played by Phuong Kubacki who is also JC Films’ first Asian American Lead actress. This is Kubacki’s second film with JC Films.  The first being ‘A Promise to Astrid’ which premiere’s in May 2019.  Phuong Kubacki has also signed on for a third film ‘A Child of the King’  starring Dean Cain that will being filming in spring of 2019.  

Phuong Kubacki is signed with Presley Talent(NM), Spectrum Global Agency(LA) and Ford Robert Black Agency(AZ).

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Dean CainBehind the scenes with Phuong Kubacki and Michael Ochotorena on set of Phuong Kubacki and Dean Cain on setMichael Ochotorena and Dean Cain on set of

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