Captivating Sense of Contrast in ‘To Need You’ By Stereo Nu-55 Is Mesmerising

Stereo Nu55  To Need You

Owensboro, Mar 24, 2019 ( – Artists are always known for their creativity and beyond this world gifted skills and the talented multi-genre music producers Stereo Nu-55 have been proving so with their creative compositions. Mixing and matching multiple genres together, this talented duo gives the audience something new to look forward to every time they release a brand new creation to the listeners. Hailing from the United States they are extremely popular among the youthful crowd for the versatile techniques and styles they bring forward. Stereo Nu-55 using their production house which is named after them bought forward their latest creation ‘To Need You’.

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‘To Need You’ is based on the pop genre has al, its traditional elements incorporated into it. The soundscape of the track is kept as versatile as possible with various rhythms and diverse melodies. The theme of the track is kept personal and the soothing vibes are in perfect synchronisation with the atmosphere of the composition. The phrase ‘To Need You‘ is repeated throughout the track to keep the audience focused on what matters in life. Through certain parts 0f the track there is a nostalgic feeling which can be heard in Stereo Nu-55‘s other tracks as well. 

As the multimedia music producer from Kentucky, Stereo Nu-55 is looking forward to modernising the music soundscape by bringing in various fusions of classical rock and with electronic music. Though their main genre of music is described as Techno, they are not afraid to try out other genres and this can be seen through their diverse collection available on Soundcloud such as ‘Searching I’m Lost’, ‘I Am Mic Jaguris’, ‘Roads’ etc. However, it can be said without a doubt that ‘To Need You’ is one of their best songs. The level of professionality shown by Stereo Nu-55 is praiseworthy. You can follow them on YouTube and Facebook.

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