Rap verses in DEZZY’s Music Video ‘Ambition’z As A Ridah!!!!’ is Driving The Audience Crazy

Ambitionz As A Ridah by Dezzy

Kansas City, Mar 25, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – DEZZY is one of the renowned hip-hop and rap artists in the music world. His tracks are produced under DNA PRODUCTIONS. He mainly composes songs of hip-hop and rap genre. He is a local inspiring artist hard to make music is his passion and he wants to bring changes in the world with his music. The instrumental riff in his music video is addictive and beautiful. The whole thing in the track ‘Ambition’z As A Ridah!!!!’ offers an immediately likable groove. The track appears partly organic and well-connected with the tone of contemporary hip-hop music. There are certain changes in the track that is subtle yet effective. The track maintains a fine balance between the elements which keep things calm and collected.

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The rhythm of the vocals along with the simple riffs in DEZZY‘s music video ‘Ambition’z As A Ridah!!!!’ makes it even more captivating. His music video has the essence of classic hip-hop and rap music. The wordplay in the track is impressive and essential. The vibe in the track is calming and positive.  Each section in the track is well crafted and has something new to say in it. The music in the video is ambient, smooth and contrastingly seductive quality.  There is continuous change in the track which does not make the track monotonous. The track ‘Ambition’z As A Ridah!!!!’ introduces a fairly fresh and powerful hook section. The musicality in the track seems too delicate and warm. The video along with the music creates a great impact on the audience. The passion in the track keeps on increasing as the track progresses. The thick bass-line in the track overwhelms and keeps the intensity appropriate. The lyricism in the track is a stunning, creative, captivating and crisp presentation.

Aspiring artist DEZZY‘s music video ‘Ambition’z As A Ridah!!!!‘ is quite refreshing and the lyrics in the track hold the listener’s attention tightly. The music and the lyrics in the track walk hand in hand to create an impact on the audience. The rap flow and the verses in the track are so well built that it keeps the listeners entertained throughout. The track ‘Ambition’z As A Ridah!!!!’ has some memorable and entrancing melody. The finishing part in the track is colorful and melodious. Watch his other music video on YouTube and listen to his songs on Soundcloud. You can even get more updates about his upcoming tracks and events by following him on Facebook.

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