Ruby Lenora Green Announces First Meet the Candidate Fundraising Kickoff

Fort Lauderdale, Mar 25, 2019 ( – Assistant Public Defender Ruby Lenora Green candidate for Broward CountyPublic Defender is having her first campaign fundraiser on Wednesday, March 27, 2019, at the NYSW Jazz Lounge in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Green, 32, a native of Pompano Beach, has served in the Broward County Public Defender’s office since 2012 and previously at the Office of the Public Defender in Jacksonville, FL.

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During her tenure as an Assistant Public Defender, Green has held leadership roles such as Chief of County Court, Misdemeanor Division Supervisor, and Lead Felony Attorney. Green continues to handle a wide array of complex criminal cases and frequently partners with community agencies to secure housing, substance abuse programs, and mental health treatment for indigent clients.

“I am a devoted public defender with a passion to fight for the less fortunate. I know what it means to come from nothing. Often times clients ask me why I have been a public defender for so long and why I haven’t become a private attorney. I tell them, “If I went private then who would be there for people who can’t afford a private attorney, like yourself? Who would be your voice?”

Green understands as a first-time candidate, one who will be building her war chest one dollar at a time, that she has to work ten times as hard.  “I will not allow money to define me, as my main focus is the people of Broward County and ensuring a justice system that works for us all,” said Green.

Hard work is something Green is not only used to, but she doesn’t shy away from when the cause is so important to her.  “I am the best person for this job. I work as an Assistant Public Defender day in and day out, drafting motions, seeing clients in custody, deposing witnesses and arguing in court. I know what changes need to be made and how to implement them. We have talented attorneys in the Public Defender’s office. I want to dispel the Public Defender myth by educating and engaging the community on the importance of Public Defenders. We will work with community programs to give clients more options for work, school, mental health, substance abuse treatment and access to diversion programs to reduce crime and reduce recidivism all at the same time. I will boost office morale by decreasing high turnover rates, cut arbitrary rules, advocate for funding along with creating an atmosphere where the attorneys feel appreciated and not overworked. I would also promote criminal justice reform to rid the system of sentencing disparities and mass incarceration.”

Green is the only candidate to take on this huge task while being a full-time Public Defender in the trenches. Green is known by her peers to stand up for what she believes in, that talks about transparency and actually lives it. “I’m here to represent change and innovation along with equality and fairness.”

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“I want to thank everyone for their tremendous support thus far, the journey continues and if you would like to be part of our effort, please consider making a donation. Any donation, even a dollar will make a difference.”

Ruby Lenora Green A.K.A “RLG” history in the making!

Learn more about Ruby Green by visiting her website and the link for donations is 

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Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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