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Minneapolis, Mar 25, 2019 ( – Corbin Treacy is an experienced scholar who has established himself as an accomplished academic researcher, talented translator, prolific cultural critic, and seasoned scholarly editor. Over the course of his career in academia, he has become an inspirational leader for his students and peers. Today, Corbin wants to supply aspiring academics with the advice necessary to succeed in all their scholarly endeavours. Below is a list of Corbin Treacy’s expert tips for excelling in all realms of higher education.

Never Skip Class

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As a student of higher education, no one will force you to attend class. However, going to class the only way to stay up to date throughout your university’s quarter or semester curriculum. Skipping class means missing out on important information, so refrain from skipping class unless an emergency occurs.

Reach Out to Your Professors and Teaching Assistants 

Corbin Treacy has been a professor and teaching assistant throughout his career as an academic, so he knows just how vital it is for students to get instructional support when they need it. He suggests introducing yourself to your professors and making note of their office hours, so you are prepared to visit them with questions or issues. If you are experiencing difficulties with your course materials, don’t wait to ask for help, as waiting until the last minute to ask for assistance can have detrimental consequences, due to the fast pace of college-level courses.

Get to Know Your Academic Advisor

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In addition to being a professor and teaching assistant, Corbin Treacy has served an academic advisor as well. With the ability to guide you toward university resources, help you consider different majors, and assist you with course selection, academic advisors are exceptional resources available right on your college campus. See your academic advisor at least once or twice to receive informative guidance and scheduling assistance to ensure you stay on track to earn your degree.

Take Notes

Take detailed notes in class and copy them over again after class is finished to aid in memorization and retention. This is one of the most successful methods to help you take ownership of and recall all the information you heard while listening to your lectures.

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