Change Negativity with Positive Energy by Watching Ajay Aman Rekhi’s Music Video ‘Sai Ram’

Sai Ram

Bourget, Mar 25, 2019 ( – Devotional songs are those that you sing from your heart. These songs are sung when the glory of God is remembered. In today’s world, the atmosphere is polluted by thoughts and feelings. When using the glory of God, the bad germs in the air get destroyed and purified. Ajay Aman Rekhi‘s new track ‘Sai Ram’ is bringing change in the listener’s life. His music video is spreading good-will, love, and ecstasy. The melody and the rhythm in the track together show his sacred offerings to the Divine. The tune in this track is well crafted that fills the listener’s life with purity. The track is sung with a spirit of humility and devotion.  The music and the lyrics in the track create a great impact on the listener’s mind. Through his music, he spreads positivity in everyone’s life.

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Ajay Aman Rekhi‘s new religious music video ‘Sai Ram’ maintains a clear balance between the religious depth and positive reception. The track brings an immediately satisfying vibrancy. There is the presence of organic beauty and storytelling that makes it even more captivating. The music continues to impress the audience in every possible way.  The way each and every element in the music video is crafted it fills the heart and mind of the listeners with complete pleasure. Instrumentation in the track is refreshing it brings mental bliss. The track ‘Sai Ram‘ has some immediately entrancing rhythm. The track is intensely beautiful and captivating. The track maintains a perfect balance between the effect and realness which works perfectly to hold listeners attention till the end. The music in the track is incredibly refreshing as well as captivating. 

Ajay Aman Rekhi‘s new religious music video ‘Sai Ram’ is mellow as well as smooth music. The beginning, quickness, and smoothness contrast really well and creating a blissfully dream-like ambiance. The voice in the music video hits with immense lightness and humanity. The performance in the track ‘Sai Ram’ is real and compelling. His passion for music and art is limitless which is often refreshingly unpredictable. The latter half of the track is filled with melody and simplicity. As the music in the track progresses the intensity also keeps on rising. If you want to watch his other music video then you must visit the popular video streaming site YouTube.  Get more updates about his upcoming music and latest events by simply following him on Twitter

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Ajay Aman Rekhi  Sai Ram

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