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Valerie BadjanYour Love Song

New York City, Mar 26, 2019 ( – The young artist Valerie Badjan has recently released her new video ‘Your Love Song‘ to the audience and it has been considered to be her best creation yet. She is known in the music industry for quite some time now and in each of her music videos has a storytelling theme imbibed into it. Taking pop and multiple other genres into her creations, Valerie Badjan brings forward creations with compositions that can be described as beyond this world imagination. The music clip ‘Your Love Song’ had a deep impact on people all over the world. The artist as an actress, singer and songwriter pours her heart out into her creations and this is what made the video stand out among the crowd.

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‘Your Love Song’ can be described as a tribute to the god. Her video shows the true nature of god and she sings her praises to Jesus.  The spirituality of the artist can be seen through this video. The music clip kick starts with the artist Valerie Badjan alone and singing her track thus communicating with the audiences. The image of lighthouse used in the video focus on the idea of hope at the end of the day.  The showcase of various elements of nature particularly the sky and the ocean refer to the gift of God to mankind. The ambience of the track is in perfect synchronisation with the lyricism of the video ‘Your Love Song’. The level of creativity shown by Valerie Badjan in her latest video can be matched with any professional artist in the industry. The video was filmed by Alex Schnoll.

The vocals of the artist in ‘Your Love Song’ are exceptional. The theme used in the track is based on the idea of how god helps every individual through their tough days. The soundscape is kept mellow and the genre of pop and RnB has been synchronised together making this video an ultimate creation of soothing melodies. The optimism and the positivity bought forward by Valerie Badjan have made a positive impact on people lives everywhere. The soft tunes and melodies will soothe the listener’s soul at the end of the day. Some of Valerie Badjan‘s other videos are ‘All I Could Do Was Cry’, and ‘Christ is Risen’. You can connect with the artist through her YouTube account.

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