High Density MPO Connector Available for 400G

Shenzhen, Mar 25, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Leading international manufacturer of fibre optic passive component, HYC Co., Ltd announces the launch of MPO connector, designed to meet the 400G high-speed transimission requirements and high density enviroments.

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With the widespread deployment of data centers, the demand for 400G solutions is growing. The rapid increase in the number of network links in the data centers can cause the data center of conventional fiber cabling to become cramped and difficult to manage. To solve this problem, data centers must obtain ultra-density to accommodate all the cabling used in the cabling. The MPO connector is designed to meet this high bandwidth requirement and meet the 400G high-speed transmission requirements.

MPO (Multi Push On) is a multi-core fiber connector type. It usually has 12 core fibers arranged in a row. A MPO connector can supports one or more rows of fibers. MPO connectors support higher bandwidth and higher density applications with 12 to 48 fiber count, which also can reach 72 or 96 in some limited applications.

MPO has many fibers in a single connector, so it reduces the amount of time required to connect fibers. Same size as SC connector, MPO connector can accommodate multi optical fibers, providing the same times the density. This flexibility basically gives you a backbone cabling system that can be adapted to any technology change or connector change in the future.

This HYC’s MPO connector, comes with SM,SMLL,MM,MMLL,8C,12C, 24C,regular force spring, high force spring for your choice. Its patented push-pull tab design provides quick and easy connection, and is also well-suited for high-density, high-traffic applications. The Push-pull tab offers maximum accessibility in high density installations; install or remove with one hand without needing additional tools.

Many applications are pursuing the high bandwidth throughput, therefore using high-density patching is inevitable. MPO connector has been widely used in data centers, telecom network, Ethernet network, and Optical communication equipment.

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