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Brain Fitness Breakthrough Training for Those Who Mind by Ann J Polya

Los Angeles, Mar 26, 2019 ( – “Brain Fitness: Breakthrough Training for Those Who Mind” by Dr Ann J. Polya explains how our Brains are like computers and run by programs, and we can update those programs quite simply using Brain Fitness.

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We used to think that our Brain cells died and were not replaced after a certain age in adulthood, yet Dr Polya draws on Cognitive Science and Neuroscience to demonstrate this is not true. She delineates how we can choose to grow new Brain cells throughout our lives, and describes the tools to promote this process in order to improve our focus, and the quality of our lives.

“All research nowadays shows that people can keep improving their brains throughout their lives. Brain Fitness means that, like physical fitness, one can actively decide to exercise the brain, but unlike physical workouts which increase muscle mass, actively challenging the brain, triggers chemical reactions that build new brain cells and connections in the mind,” explains Kathy Petrillo, counsellor.

Dr Polya will be having a meet-and-greet session at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books to be held at the University of Southern California this coming April 13-14, 2019. She will be signing copies of her books at Authors Press’ booth number 937. Festival goers and readers from all ages will get a chance to learn more about the author and discuss her work and inspiration in person. To get the latest update on authors, like and follow Authors Press on Facebook and Twitter.

Brain Fitness: Breakthrough Training for Those Who Mind

Dr Ann J. Polya

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