Listen to the Mesmerising Creation ‘Dough Order’ Launched by the Brilliant Artist Father Jii

Father Jii

Virginia Beach, Mar 26, 2019 ( – The relatability of hip-hop is one of the reasons why it is so popular among music enthusiasts. And this is exactly what the brilliant artist Father Jii presents to his fans. It is the authenticity he brings with him through his tracks that makes him so popular among the young crowd this generation. Using his label titled as Zaro The Lable the artist experiments with various genres and creating compositions unheard of in the industry before. His recent creation ‘Dough Order’ is an exception to his collection as it not only can be treated as a motivational track but will take the audience as close to reality as possible. Using the genre of hip-hop and rap he brings his tracks to life.

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‘Dough Order‘ has a soft melody throughout the composition while the lyricism of the track is made contrasts with the soundscape of the track. The track is intentional, truthful and is imbibed with passionate vocals that can hardly be seen anywhere. There is a retro melodic tone added to the song which makes it stand apart from the crowd. The artist wants his listeners to not give up during the hardships in life. This famous hip-hop artist in Virginia is gaining quite a reputation with his creative compositions. Father Jii took the help of Riddick while compositing this track.

Father Jii was influenced by famous artists like 50 cent, Eminem, and Lil Wayne etc. Some of his other tracks that are available on Soundcloud are “Lul N***a”, “Yawa Yawa”, ‘Rockstar’, ‘Woah’ and many more has all the creative techniques of Father Jii. The artist who is also known as Andrew Mclawrence is a famous hip-hop artist in Virginia trying to make his place in the music industry. You can connect with the artist Father Jii through his social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

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