Oregon Native Writes Novel about Healing and Restoring Faith

Martinsville, Mar 26, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Ginny Lee Hamm’s novel Love Spilled Out: The Ada Wilcox Story is a tribute to the women who put their lives on the line traversing the Oregon Trail. The novel depicts how the journey through the Oregon Trail helped Ada Wilcox, the protagonist, to survive and overcome her grief and resentment after losing her son to fever and ague in their Missouri farmhouse.

Hamm begins her story by highlighting Ada’s struggle one year after her son died. Lonely and bitter, Ada tries to keep it together but fails. Her anger and resentment towards God and her husband John grew when John decided that they leave their farmhouse and start a new life in the Oregon Territory. Throughout her whole ordeal, readers will find out how the grueling and arduous journey through rivers and mountains helped Ada come to terms with her grief and bitterness. More importantly, how she learned to trust and submit to God again.

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Powerful and visceral, the novel will tug at heartstrings as Ada restores her faith God and mends her relationship with her husband and daughter. Hamm’s story serves as a reminder that a strong familial bond and a strong faith in God can help transform lives.

Love Spilled Out: The Ada Wilcox Story

Ginny Lee Hamm

Kindle | $3.99

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Paperback | $24.95

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