Scotland Famous Dj HANZY has Infused his Composition with Mesmerising Styles and Techniques


Edinburgh, Mar 26, 2019 ( – The young talented Dj/ Producer HANZY has been gaining quite a reputation in the music industry for his captivating creations for quite some time now. Trying it revolutionise the music field the artist brings forward tracks that have not been heard before. Every time he launches a new track for the audience the element of monotony is eliminated offering something new for the public to enjoy. His tracks can be described as progressive with multiple contemporary elements each blended to perfection. Two of his tracks ‘Hanzy Hour – Sunday Session #23’ and ‘Hanzy Hour – Sunday Session’ #26′ stood out the most for the public.

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While many artists require words to communicate with the audience, HANZY does so with his rhythms. Till now he has composed a total of 32 tracks, each of which is diverse from each other in the creation. The melodies and the rhythms along with the groovy beats are all synchronised with each other completely suiting the ambience of the tracks.  Though he focuses most of the tracks on the genre of EDM and House, but creates tracks on other genres s as well. ‘Hanzy Hour – Sunday Session #23’ and ‘Hanzy Hour – Sunday Session #26‘ both of them have elements of multiple genres infused into it.

This Scotland Famous Dj HANZY has marked his place on the music industry with ‘Hanzy Hour – Sunday Session #23’ and ‘Hanzy Hour – Sunday Session #26’. While ‘Hanzy Hour – Sunday Session #23’ has a captivating beginning and is fused with multiple rhythms and various beats, the groovy melodies of ‘Hanzy Hour – Sunday Session #26‘ differs from it in intensity.  HANZY have managed to do what many artists have previously failed to achieve by revolutionising the digital soundscape and implementing new techniques. He connects with his fans through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

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Hanzy Hour  Sunday Session 26

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