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Fabio BaroncelliSacred Love

Urk, Mar 26, 2019 ( – Versatile artist Fabio Baroncelli is rocking the music industry with brilliant composition. He plays instruments like guitar, piano, violin, and saxophone. He is the owner of a recording studio where he composed and executed songs that mixes different styles like pop, rock, techno, and trap. He is a poly-instrumentalist and his songs reflect different styles. His tracks are produced under the production house FabLab. The opening instrumental part in the track ‘Scared Love‘ is spacious and soothing. There is a mix of techno-pop beats in the music along with vocal makes it even more effective. The female voice in the track is beautiful and keeps the listeners entertained throughout. The rhythm of the artist’s voice is persistent and the track flows without any pause or structural segments. The sound in the track is unique and quite easily recognizable.

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The energy in Fabio Baroncelli‘s music video ‘Sacred Love’ increases as the track progresses. The musical flow and lyrics in the track give the vibes of pure love.  Each part in the track has something new in it which creates a blissful effect on the audience. The melody and the words connect quite easily with the audience. The classic music touches bring the touch of nostalgia. The melody running through the music video is captivating. The music in the track ‘Sacred Love’ is uplifting, compelling and even energetic. The hook in the track is captivating and beautiful. The music undoubtedly works incredibly well on the strength of its own set-up. The track highlights the vocal performance and the strength of the melody. The instrumental part and lyrics in the track work together hand in hand and creates a great impact on the audience. The track has gentle and peaceful finishing.

The hook section in Fabio Baroncelli‘s music video ‘Sacred Love’ offers a gentle and smooth melody. The contrast between the elements in his track is so well done that holds the listener’s attention to the end. The music in the track ‘Sacred Love’ mixes addictive qualities of pop with creatively free and honest techno vibes. The track and the moment of the drop offer a great groove.  The video has been crafted well and the music in it sets the mood. If you want to enjoy watching his other music video then you must tune to the video streaming site YouTube. You can even get more updates about his upcoming music and events by following him on Facebook.  

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