Contemporary Hip-Hop Creator CA$INO $TAXX DINERO’s ‘Rydin’ In My Old Skool’ Is A Dynamic Jamboree


Seattle, Mar 27, 2019 ( – Many artists in the spectrum of rap and hip-hop have metamorphosed in accordance with the cultural changes of territorial modifications. However, many fail to capture its innate essence and the end result is not always the most acceptable ones in terms of creativity. CA$INO $TAXX DINERO is the torchbearer of the neo-era of hip-hop resurgence who is creating waves of harmonious blends with his beautiful and insightful coronation of musical instincts. His newest release, ‘Rydin’ in My Old Skool’ is an assortment of some of the best contemporary flavors in the scope of the collective genre.

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CA$INO $TAXX DINERO, hailing from California has been through the cruel lashes of growing up that have laid the foundation for his admirable wisdom. Creating tunes for every kind of audience under the sun, his style suggests a universal flow of lyrical saga. A man of ideals who prioritizes between work and family with his moral being of justification, he is a man of the social world before he is a musician. With Rydin’in My Old Skool‘, his accomplishments have reached a whole another level of audience appreciation that is only making him stand out in the crowd of the extant music scene.

As a lyricist, his gliding lyrics and collaborative take on various hip-hop strains have subtle humor in them that makes his tracks all the more captivating. Although Rydin’in My Old Skool‘ is gradually on the rise to become a tremendous hit, his career is just talking off towards global glory. Follow his work on Spotify and Instagram to groove to voguish hip-hop like never before.

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