Kidgoten Talks Mixtape self titled ‘Kidgoten’ – Why He’s ‘The Hottest Rapper In Oklahoma’

Tulsa, Mar 27, 2019 ( – No one can mute Kidgoten confidence. Nearly 6 months after releasing his debut EP, Fall Shade, which did a pretty amount of good streams and numbers for his age and spawned two hot singles in “Bounce” featuring Xanixjay and “Chopsticks,” trying to flatten his ego would be a lost cause.

“Listen, the tape is going to be the most streamed mixtape. I told you already, it’s going to be the mixtape of the year, but it’s going to be the top streamed mixtape of the year whole year. I know for sure,” Goten assures me after a commanding performance at our offices. “Like, I know that off the top of my head. So I know we’re going for the biggest of the biggest. I am the hottest artist in my city.” Though I remind him of B.lou current stranglehold on the Tulsa rap game, goten attempts to stiff-arm my rebuttal with his sense of humor. “Kidgoten. For the people and the kids,” he quips.

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For someone who once worked the cash register at Mall, Goten”s tagline, though hyperbolic, does hold some weight, especially after his strong outing on mixtape one. In hopes of dodging the sophomore curse, goten returns with his star-heavy mixtape, Kidgoten, boasting a line-up featuring Xanixjay, Itzzjay, GTG Flash, and more. Despite his beefy feature-list, Goten proves he has no problem riding solo, as he pens booming records such as “The Issue” and his Dartner assisted earworm “Bando.”

Interviewer 105.3 KJJM catches up with Kidgoten to touch on his 1st Mixtape Kidgoten, why he feels that he’s the “hottest rapper in Oklahoma,” his love for collaboration, evolving as the youngest Tulsa rapper to do it and more. Check out our interview below.

When we last spoke, you told me Kidgoten will be mixtape of the year for 2019.

How do you feel about that?

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I told you. I listened to the album. First 10 tracks [and] there’s not one bad track yet, but why do you feel this project will outdo not only your debut album but also the rest of the competition?

I feel like that ’cause it’s an album that has full of hits. It’s not like I came in there and was trying to make regular songs. Every song is a hit. Every song is a smash, so I don’t think anybody has done that in the last century. No cap!

Last year, you did well with your EP and you had hit singles in “Bounce” and “Chopsticks.” When you were in the studio making this mixtape, did you feel any pressure because you know the sophomore curse is a real thing in hip-hop?

For real? I didn’t know that. I didn’t know of that. I just went in there, and I record so much work so that when it’s time to do an album it’s like I just pick the songs and it’s like, ‘Yeah, it’s time for that.’ I got so much. So I’m coming back right after this. Quick.

How soon is quick?

Quick. [Laughs]

You have a lot of heavy hitters on the mixtape. You have Xanixjay, itzzjay, GTG Flash, Buubrothers. What do you love about collaborations so much?

I like bringing the best out of the track. When I do a track, I pick the beat, and I have a very unique beat selection. After I make the song, I try to hear who I would hear on the song for the fans. Not only for myself, but I be like, ‘Yo. Who would really be good on this?’ So, that’s how I go about collaborating with people.

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