New track ‘Let it go’ shows the creativity and Professionality of the Rapper Fynnegan

FynneganLet it go

Baltimore, Mar 27, 2019 ( – Bring nothing but authenticity to the audience the talented young artist is Fynnegan is dominating the music industry with his amazing creations. Bringing in experiences for real-life conditions the artist makes his tracks relatable which enhances his popularity worldwide. Also known as Derrick Steel II to many of his close people the artist wants to make his mark in the music industry with his creations.  Being one of the young artists in the run he had to put in twice the effort as compared to any established artists in the industry. Fynnegan‘s recent launch to the audience ‘Let it go‘ has been a magnanimous hit among music lovers.

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Fynnegan has collaborated with Tyler and Blue Skai Beats into turning this track into a reality. ‘Let it go’ though styled in the form of hip-hop had been incorporated with elements taken from other genres. The track is beautifully infused with soft melody soulfulness with some addictive hip-hop beats. The layers are uncommon and get intense as the track proceeds from one verse to the other vibing of the artists’ personality. After the mellow tunes are over the beats kick in along with the flawless rap vocals of Fynnegan. As the music kicks the ambience of the track intensifies along with its rhythmic symphonies. 

This real hip-hop artist is also famous for creations available in Soundcloud such as ‘Watching Over Me’, ‘Summer Time Flow’, ‘Heartbreak’, ‘Deserve It’, ‘Different Kinda Love’ and many more. Fynnegan takes his influences from any influential artist and infuses their techniques with his making something beautiful and unheard of before in the industry.  The subtle changes in brings in his tracks are worth waiting for making his creations some of the unique creations in the world out there. You can connect with the artist through his account on Soundcloud.

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