Public Health Expert Publishes Results of Recent Study on Adolescents

Los Angeles, Mar 27, 2019 ( – Public health expert Godwin C. Osakwe, PhD, publishes the results of his recent study in his book, “Social Determinants of Health and Knowledge About HIV/AIDS Transmission Among Adolescents.”

Dr. Osakwe focuses on Nigeria for his study as well as draw tremendous references on the link between knowledge and HIV/AIDS transmission among adolescents and the global impact on the world community. Dr. Osakwe examines several factors that may aid in the rise of HIV cases in adolescents such as demographics, social factors, and health care. Adolescents who make up 23% of the country’s population, are more prone to engage in sexual activity. Dr. Osakwe’s study arrives at a critical time where HIV and AIDS still greatly affect the lives of countless individuals predominantly in their youth.

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In these past three decades, HIV epidemic has affected an estimated 33.4 million people and killed an estimated 25 million persons (USAIDS 2009). The goal of the research is to increase public awareness of the disease in order to prevent, mitigate HIV transmission and sustain a good quality of life among adolescents globally and in particular Nigeria.

Dr. Osakwe also hopes that government agencies and other NGOs take notice of the study’s findings in crafting policies for the advancement of HIV and AIDS-related education and health care especially among the youth.

Authors Press will showcase “Social Determinants of Health and Knowledge About HIV/AIDS Transmission Among Adolescents” at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books to be held at the University of Southern California campus this coming April 13 to 14, 2019. Dr. Osakwe’s book will be exhibited at Authors Press’ booth number 937.  Readers from all ages, including filmmakers and movie producers, will get an exclusive preview of his work during the festivities. To get the latest update on authors, like and follow Authors Press on Facebook and Twitter.

Social Determinants of Health and Knowledge about HIV/AIDS Transmission Among Adolescents

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