Tune Into the Track in the Playlist ‘SSG’S Weekly’s Sounds Vol.1’ Under GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT


New York City, Mar 27, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Among the entire well-known production house in the music world, GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT is one of them. Many artists produced their music under this production house. Jnov, B0n7ND Jame$, Hippie Ryn, DellSteven’s, and G siete produced their playlist ‘SSG’S Weekly’s Sounds Vol.1’ under this production house. The verses in the track are creative and entertain the listeners in every way. The sound in the track is beautiful and interesting. The hook in the track ‘THIS THAT SHIT’ by Bon7ND Jame$ is memorable and impressive. Rap vocal in the track sets the mood and holds the listener’s interest. The clean finish of the track attracts the listeners.

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The music in the track ‘Power’ from the playlist ‘SSG’S Weekly’s Sounds Vol.1’ under GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT is genuinely fresh, colorful and vibrant. The whole set-up in the track is powerful and inspiring. The track works hard to energies and uplifts the audience. The underlying concept in the track is beautifully highlighted. The soundscape is the first thing in the track ‘AGENT UNDER FIRE’ from the playlist ‘SSG’S Weekly’s Sounds Vol.1‘ by Bon7ND JAME$ that grabs the attention of the listeners. The melody and the rap part in the track are mixed in a beautiful rhythmic manner.  There is a proper balance of all the required elements of hip-hop and rap music which makes the track even more gorgeous.

The musical backdrop in his track ‘LIKE A DOGG’ from the playlist ‘SSG’S Weekly’s Sounds Vol.1’ by Hippie Ryn produced under GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT is fantastic. The simple melody, riff and the hook in the track are quite interesting.  The instrumental melody in the track sets the mood of the track. The melancholy in the composition hit with an intense sense of awakening that suits the concept of the track really well. You can listen to his songs simply by visiting the popular music streaming site Soundcloud.

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GLOBAL Entertainment  SSGS Weeklys Sounds Vol1


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