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Seattle, Mar 29, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – The talented artist BugzyBullz has been dominating the music industry for quite some time now with his creations. The artist also is known as Jua Rheon Lawrence JR to his close friends and family brings his life experiences to the world through his hip-hop creations. BugzyBullz fell in love with hip-hop when he first time he heard freestyle of the artist “Rakim”. It is the relatability of “Rakim tracks that inspired BugzyBullz into bringing his story forward. Hailing from the United States he represents the culture there. Among his entire collection few of his tracks such as ‘GhostGood‘, ‘WICKD x Too Deep Splice’ are the one that gained most appreciation.  

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Both the tracks ‘GhostGood’, ‘WICKD x Too Deep Splice’ has intense melodies incorporated throughout the track. The lyricism is kept personal and it is the relatability of the tracks that brings the audience to him. Both the tracks are based on personal experiences hits the audience hard. The theme of ‘GhostGood’ is very contemporary. It describes the past experiences that an individual in their lifetime. Compared to this the theme of ‘WICKD x Too Deep Splice’ is a bit complex but the song is easy to vibe too while rhythms are captivating.

Being a Seattle music artist, BugzyBullz wants to share his skills with the world. Throughout his hardships he suffered from the artist had the support of his mother and she pushed him into moving ahead with his music career. It was around 13 that he took inspiration from “Eazy-E”. For BugzyBullz music is about giving it all he has or doing nothing. And it is because of these reasons that his creations such as ‘Life Of A Shitbag’, ‘GhostGood Preview’, ‘Truth Freestyle’,  ‘THROWBACK’ has the unravelling passion of BugzyBullz. He connects with his fans through Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Soundcloud. 

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