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New Delhi, Mar 29, 2019 ( – GiveMeDivorce is rated among one of the best divorce lawyer in Delhi, specializing in family law, matrimonial cases, and divorces. Their network of lawyers has an excellent track record with more than 10 years of experience in law practice. You can contact them by visiting is the brainchild of Suresh Gupta, who strongly believes in helping their clients get justice at the earliest so that they will not have to deal with extended distress and pain. It does not matter how complicated the cases are, he feels that the first approach should always be to get a divorce with mutual consent.

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It not only helps the clients in finding the amicable resolution for their problem, but they also will not have to go through the long drawn court procedures. Suresh Gupta joined forces with reputed lawyers like Vijay Shankar Gandhi and Tushar Pahwa to form the GiveMeDivorce legal consultancy.

Those lawyers have been handling cases and disputes in many of the courts in New Delhi and neighbouring regions. Over the years, they have grown their reputation by being instrumental in helping their clients get the best solutions in their family-related cases.

The lawyers of GiveMeDivorce specialise in different areas of practices like – Handling the court procedures on disputed cases, transferring of divorce petitions to suit their clients, negotiations and arbitration with concerned stakeholders to come up with the best solutions, dowry harassment cases, permanent alimony and maintenance expenses to the wife and the kids, Sexual harassment cases, child custody and guardianship related matters, child adoption procedures, official religion changing procedures, domestic violence, and lots more.

They also extend legal services to the NRIs with all types of family and matrimonial disputes. They have provided an elaborate explanation on their website, about the types of services that they can offer to their NRI clients, going through divorces.

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The lawyers of GiveMeDivorce also provide additional services for making marriages official according to Muslim marriage act and other personal laws, judicial separations, inheritance, power of attorney, etc.

They have also put in a lot of efforts to provide extensive knowledge-base on their website, If you are looking for any information regarding divorce laws, then you can know everything about it on their website.

If you still have any questions related to your personal matters, you can also get in touch with their lawyers directly. They have listed out their individual contact numbers on the website.

The best thing about GiveMeDivorce lawyers is that they listen to your problems, and understand the kind of situation that you are going through. In order to make the experience less painful for you, they stand by you at each and every step and guide you through the procedures.

They walk the extra mile to ensure that their clients do not face undue distress due to the tedious procedures involved in divorce and family laws. Another reason why people prefer GiveMeDivorce as their legal consultants is because they offer services for the most reasonable costs. They will also provide you with easy payment options to suit your comfort.

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