Latest Track ‘DaLos Angelfel Official Audio’ by DaLos has Contemporary Fusions in It

DaLos Angelfel by LitMusicRecordz

Bronx, Mar 29, 2019 ( – Though music can be created by many artists, not all artists can create music that would influence people. however when it comes to this brilliant artist DaLos this statement doesn’t come into play as he has been creating a positive impact on people’s lives around the globe for quite some time now.  With the help of his production house LosGangMusic, DaLos experiments with various genres creating some of the most unique tracks out there. Hailing from the place called the Bronx: this upcoming music artist wants to share his talent with the world through his compositions. His latest track to the audience ‘DaLos Angelfel official audio’ has been a worldwide hit among music lovers.

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The track ‘DaLos Angelfel official audio‘ is based on the Latin genre and is perfect it brings forward the passion of the artist. The lyricist of the track is kept personal and the ambience is in synchronised together. The melodic beats and bass are placed to create an effect of contrast with the lyricism of the track. This multi-genre artist not only takes influences from Latin but creates tracks based on other tracks as well. The vocals of DaLos are what the track mainly became famous for.  The nostalgic effect that the track creates was hard to achieve but it was made possible by DaLos. The level of skills shown by him in ‘DaLos Angelfel official audio’ is praiseworthy.

Among some of his other creations, ‘Bank Broke’, ‘Sleep On Me’, ‘Drunk Love’, ‘Explecation’, is what DaLos is famous for. All of the tracks have a story to tell to the listeners and each of them has been taken from real life experiences. However, among his collection ‘DaLos Angelfel official audio’ can be described as his best creation yet. DaLos connects with his fan through his fans through Soundcloud titled as LitMusicRecordz.

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