Best Off Road Offers New Van Drawer Systems

Dandenong, Apr 5, 2019 ( – For clients that have a ton of items in their van, it can be really hard to push through all the gear and get what is needed at the moment. Thankfully, Best Off Road has an extensive range of van storage systems perfect for clients who need some van organisation.

The van drawers all hold 150 kg each and come in many shapes and styles to fit any client’s lifestyle. Some of the more popular options include having a false floor installed, and underneath that floor is a set of two drawers. Van users can place some of their smaller items or gear inside the drawers, and then load the floor with all the big stuff, rather than just putting it all over the floor of the van.

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Side van drawers hold the same amount and function the same as regular drawers but are even more customisable in terms of their height and width. They can fit into the side doors of the van if opening the back of the van is a bit too much hassle. Items and drawers can be accessed quickly, with just the act of opening a door. Shelving units can also be fit into the van as well, so you can get to even more.

No fuss and no worry about losing items or having to dig around for things. No matter the type of van storage that a client needs, they always will find it at Best Off-Road. Best Off Road has been the leader in storage options for all manner of vehicles, and they custom make storage units if the client can’t find what they like. Since 2006 they’ve been selling and creating storage for utes and vans and helping millions of customers get better control over their space.

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