HipHop’s Flavorsome Palate of Lyrics and Beats are being Presented in YNG Mac Jay’s ‘Grind – Hustle’

YNG Mac Jay

Olympia, Apr 8, 2019 ( – Malcom Jubilee who goes by the stage name YNG Mac Jay is the newest proprietor of the culturally epitomized intricacies of hip-hop. His newly dropped single ‘Grind & Hustle‘ is a pumped-up beat of lyrical opulence that creates a soundscape of undulating dynamics. A song that follows the lines of redemption and just expression of thoughts, ‘Grind & Hustle’ is one of the feistiest tracks in the extant sound chart of the regional hip-hop gala. From creating collaborative lines of insightful stories and a groove that adorns the entirety of the song, YNG Mac Jay is a creator of melody in all its glory.

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Hailing from Salisbury, Maryland, his tryst with hip-hop began from a tender age of six. Working along the fundamental lines of hip-hop with a subtle touch of R&B glazing his sound, YNG Mac Jay is a storyteller of contemporary thematic patterns. A dreamer and a faithful patron of modern-poetry, he weaves his contemplations through the rhythmic progression of his songs. Sharing anecdotes of the distant past, he has imbibed all the best conundrums of life experiences and put together incredible charisma in his songs like ‘Falling Apart’, ‘Remember Them Days’ and ‘Low Low’.

Life has been a surge and YNG Mac Jay has learned to celebrate it with acceptance through the vindication of music’s greater perspectives. He is a creator who weaves magical webs of musical and lyrical intersections as beautiful concoctions of cultural glory. As he continues to spread this love across borders, his popularity just a step away from reaching global recognition. With ‘Grind & Hustle’, he has accomplished a whole new level of creative intelligence through his wisdom brimming in all of his songs. Be a part of this journey that defines the essence of life and its passionate territories by following YNG Mac Jay’s work on Spotify, TwitterInstagram and YouTube today!


Grind & Hustle :

Grind  Hustle

Source :YNG Mac Jay

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