AICTA Launches AI Assistant- A Smarter and Faster Way to Accomplish Everyday Tasks


New York City, Apr 10, 2019 ( – AITCA is a free private blockchain platform and a very versatile domain that offers a solution to any issue belonging to different kinds of sectors right from the public to private and personal. The key feature of the platform is their Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions that can be used by anybody to make their daily life and work even better than yesterday. Their AI applications have made its way into a number of areas including healthcare, business, education, finance, law, and manufacturing. AITCA’s new venture is its AI chat that promises users to work in a faster, smarter and a better way. With ATCA’s AI assistant, you can seamlessly handle all the tasks that matter to you.

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It’s agonizingly true that all of us lead a very busy and stressful life. No matter you are a corporate professional or an entrepreneur who is working on an innovative start-up, life could be at ease if there were anyone who can help you to manage all your task without any mistake. In reality, you can never expect human assistance that will be there with you 24*7, categorizing all your tasks in time. But virtually it is possible with Artificial Intelligence and to be precise the best and the most easily accessible way out is with AITCA’s AI Assistant. The automated assistant that you can avail by simply downloading this app from Google Play can help you organize your workday, plan trips or handle your admin tasks.  Ask questions or tell it to do things, AICTA AI Chat is always ready to help.

The application is very user-friendly and the content is rated for 12+. The main aim of AITCA AI chat is to minimize workplace or personal planning inconveniences or disruptions. The mission of AITCA is to offer its users the best assistance so that productivity is maximized and goals are met without wasting time, money and resource. The USP of AITCA’s Ai assistance is that it can be customized according to the client need. Currently, version 1 of the app is available on Google Play and soon the upgraded version will be available on the Apple App Store with more upgraded features.

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