Cashclutch Is Redefining Freestyle Hip-Hop as a Whole New Progression on Cultural Redemption

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Texas City, Apr 10, 2019 ( – When lyricism comes together with melodious timbre of rapid musical progression, the outcome is boisterous. Taking forward this creative purpose of music through the lines of hip-hop and freestyle rap is Cashclutch and his soundscape of some of the most appropriate terms in the collective scope of music. Making music out of the ordinary intricacies of everyday life, Cashclutch creates a space for subjective interpretation for his audience. His newly released single ‘CHAPTER 1: RICH‘ marks the beginning of his journey out in the colorful world of global music that adds specific insight as a beautiful amalgamation of rhythmic patterns and lyrical spontaneity.

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There are various deconstructions in the scope of music’s greater palate, but Cashclutch specifically works along the edges of progressive freestyling that makes his expressions all the more conspicuous. One of the biggest accomplishments in Cashclutch‘s line of musical journey is his ability to adapt and change and bring together the pieces of differential wisdom into one line of verbal articulation. ‘CHAPTER 1: RICH’ may be his very first rove into mainstream music, but the promise and flexible skill that the song promotes definitely marks the beginning of something monumental.

Texas rappers Cashclutch is an observant artist who does not shy away from speaking his mind. His versatility and his expertise on the elements of music-making is an impactful session of the creative syndrome that is only here to sweep the world audience off their feet. With time, it can only be accumulated and said that Cashclutch is going to become just another tremendous celebration with a purposeful lineage of hip-hop’s cultural growth. A reverberation that continues till the end of time, Cashclutch sure knows how to weave the needle through the fine lines of sensitivity in music. Follow his work on Soundcloud to be a part of a resurgence that defines and drives a generation through the ages of categorized change.

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