Vocal delivery in Indigoje’s music video ‘Old Town Road’ is fantastic

Old Town Road freestyle by Indigoje

Havana, Apr 13, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Indigoje is one of the reputed artists in the world of music. He is a lyrically gifted poet and describes himself as funny. The main subject matter of his music is to connect to the lower chakra and subconsciously transition. He got inspired by Jimmy Hendrix, Slipknot, and Kendrick Lamar. He composes songs mainly of hip-hop and alternative rock genre.  His new music video ‘Old Town Road‘ is of hip-hop and rap genre. The track has subtle yet energetic story-line and sense of character. The performance and lyrics in the track set the moo. The whole thing in the track is brilliantly crafted and keeps the listeners captivated. The track ‘Old Town Road’ has relentlessly impressive flow and numerous hits of clever and compelling wordplay.

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The back and forth section in Indigoje‘s music video ‘Old Town Road’ helps to give it an addictive level of rhythm. The light uplifting groove combines with the smart and empowering lyrical performance that works beautifully. The song develops through various stages of multiplying color and volume. The track becomes better and better as it moves. The contrast between the mellow rap deliveries and hook in the track hits with more impact. The lyrics and the music in the track ‘Old Town Road’ are beautifully crafted. The repetitive line in the track lingers in the mind of the listeners for a longer period of time after listening to it once. The music and the performance in the track match well with the underlying sentiments well. The confidence and the bounce of music in the track keep the listeners entertained throughout.

The hook in Indigoje‘s music video ‘Old Town Road’ is extremely gorgeous as well as memorable. Each line in the track has something new in it which doesn’t give the listeners any monotonous feel. The rap flow and verses in the track together walk hand in hand changes the room ambiance. The short lines within the track make it highly impressive. The track ‘Old Town Road’ rises from lower notes to higher notes which create a dream-like ambiance. There is continuous change in the track which makes it fresh and captivates the listeners in every way. The video along with the music creates a great impact on the audience. If you want to watch his other music video then you have to visit the video streaming site YouTube. You can start following him on Facebook for more updates about his upcoming music and events.  

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