VOCO’s Automated Community Influencers Engine Demonstrates Staggering 48 hours Statistics

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Tel Aviv, Apr 14, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Voco Networks, the creator of VOCO, a mobile AI-powered chatbot that boosts sales by encouraging customers to create, share and promote communities around products they love with friends, and Eco-labs have successfully completed a live audience engagement trial.

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Following the Eco-lab’s Functional Medicine conference on April 12, 2019, the 224 participants were invited by VOCO to become Eco-lab’s influencers. The participants were offered to share Eco-lab’s website, which offers life improving advanced functional lab tests.
Rewards were offered to both influencers and their VOCO community feed members.

The results were as follows: 79 (35%) participants completed the survey and rated the event,  and 24 (30%) created a VOCO community feed and shared Eco-lab with friends.

Eco-Lab provides consumers with functional lab tests which measure individual parameters for each individual’s own body and data.

Ofir Paz, VOCO Networks co-founder, and CEO said “I’m thrilled by VOCO’s mobile chatbot staggering performance. It’s proof that VOCO, the automated community nano-influencers engine will become the gold standard marketing tool of choice, and a fantastic way for people to express themselves and influence their friends and community”

Or Biba, founder, and CEO of Eco-lab said that “VOCO is an innovative product which solves many of our marketing issues. I did not need to provide any marketing material to achieve such great results. VOCO had demonstrated that our customers can become great supporters and that they love to influence their friends and community.
VOCO fits with our cutting edge Eco-lab website and offering, as we strive to provide the best-improving health solutions.

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About Eco-lab,  https://www.eco-lab.co.il :

Eco-Lab was created with the vision to provide consumers with advanced medicine tailored to each and every person. Functional laboratory tests are an important tool for diagnosing a silent disease or an initial deviation from the line of health, even without visible or significant symptoms. In functional testing, Eco-lab focuses on finding causes of diseases in both the physical, lifestyle and genetic environments, which together can be the source of a number of defective functions and diseases in the human body.

About Voco Networks, http://www.voconet.io :

VOCO solves the 100 years marketing problem in which Ads and promotions are often ignored by customers. The problem manifests itself through the fact that 30% use Ad blockers.
VOCO patent-pending solution seamlessly engages and promotes products discovery via AI-powered chatbot and by customers and their friends.
Voco transforms the historical push Ad market to a pull client-friendly environment.

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Email: http://www.voconet.io

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