Full Circle – Art Therapy Centre providing affordable mental health services in the Toronto GTA

Toronto, Apr 19, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Addressing Mental Health Artfully

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Since the grand opening of a physical space last fall, Full Circle Art Therapy Centre (FCATC) has built upon its success of the last several years and made great strides in extending affordable mental health services to a variety of populations in the Greater Toronto Area, through Group and Individual Art Therapy sessions.


Founded in 2014, Full Circle Art Therapy Centre is a registered charity (833321797 RR000) dedicated to providing accessible and affordable mental health services through Art Therapy for the people of Toronto in need.


FCATC practices from a client-centred perspective, with the client and therapist as a team of equal partners rather than an expert and patient. Because it does not require artistic skills, art therapy is a flexible treatment modality that benefits people of all ages, with varying cognitive/functioning levels. It can be used to effectively communicate unconscious parts of an individual’s experience(s) which are not accessible in the conscious stream of thinking, which is expressed through verbal communication.

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With a free first session to support immediate needs, Individual Art Therapy sessions provide one-on-one attention, working hand in hand with a certified art therapist on a healing process that is tailored specifically to one’s mental health needs.

Group Art Therapy Workshops are intended to enhance mental fitness. Participants enjoy reduced levels of stress, increased self-esteem, improved problem-solving skills, and a feeling of deepened connection to themselves.


Right now, there are people in need of mental health care with a waitlist of up to one year in the Greater Toronto Area. With the help of local donors and sponsors, Full Circle Art Therapy Centre is bringing attention and action to the matter. The aim is to fund and provide more than 1500 individual art therapy sessions that will directly benefit individuals in need while serving over 3300 individuals through access to affordable group art therapy workshops.


In the Greater Toronto Area, mental health services are limited for people who need support in coping with various aspects of their lives but are also faced with barriers – primarily financial – to accessing professional services. To receive assistance, individuals are placed on long waiting lists. FCATC understands that therapy and the personal decision to seek help do not start with the first session, but the moment an individual decides to seek help. And the waiting time and financial constraints make the long waiting process unbearable for those in great need of assistance. Full Circle – Art Therapy Centre was created with the aim of filling this gap.

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