There is something Reflective and Serious in the Last Creations of California Artist SolowMonroe


Los Angeles, Apr 19, 2019 ( – The artist SolowMonroe can be described as an individual who is a songwriter, workaholic, poetic and open-minded artist who wants to share his musical gifts with the world. The artist had been creating music since the age of 12 and since then has been creating one hit after the other for the audience. It wasn’t until recently that he decided to step into the music industry to support his family and inspire the audience at the same time. All his compositions are based on his personal feelings making tracks like ‘Love From A Distance‘, and ‘Dollar and A dream‘ a hit among the audience.

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Using hip-hop as his medium to communicate with the world SolowMonroe is quite popular owing to his relatable compositions. The track ‘Love From A Distance’ though based on the same genre as ‘Dollar and A dream’ is completely different from it on his composition and theme.  ‘Love From A Distance’ is incorporated with the notion of the unrequited love that most people deal with in their lifetime. The soundscape of the track is mellow and the nostalgic melody is heard throughout the track. The riffs of guitars get intensified as the track progresses. The beasts and the drum can be heard throughout the composition.

Compared to this, ‘Dollar and A dream’ is dark as it is imbibed with the harsh truth of everyday life. The track is reflective and hypnotic in nature alluring the listeners to play it time and again. The sense of depth incorporated by SolowMonroe is intense and can hardly be ignored. This California Hip hop artist had made quite a reputation for himself among the young generation in a short time. The artist is also known as Monroe Augustine to many of his listeners. You can connect with him through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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Love From A Distance

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