Awesome Music Video ‘Indian National Anthem-Jana Gana Mana Song with Prelude’ by P.John is Great


Belur, Apr 23, 2019 ( – Music is a great kind of power which defines greatness and creativity. The great artist P.John has come with his well defined “Indian National Anthem-Jana Gana Mana song with prelude”. It is patriotic music and the use of the keyboard will enlighten your soul. The fresh and real type of creativity with pleasantness is really outstanding. The really energetic kind of beat he has given and the actual rhythm defines love for the country. His hobby was always to make music and his basic intention is to provide entertainment. The work of P. John has patience and practice.

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His music video is quite attractive with the piousness and deeply rooted playfulness. The leading kind of keyboard work will lift up your mind. The good attribute of music is quite real and energetic. The actual national anthem has the beauty and the work with the keyboard is really nice. If you are getting bored, this video can refresh your mind. The special attention of the background is refreshing and energetic. The music “Indian National Anthem-Jana Gana Mana song with prelude” is really astonishing and wow. The video has received many views and you will love the enigma. The patriotic energy and pure charisma will get triggered into your mind.

John has quite a real kind of power and fantastic approach which you will love to hear. The devotion and the feel with which he has made the music are quite real and nice. The feeling of love and the stunning emblem is quite different from other music. You will develop a great love towards your homeland after you watch the video. The main motto of P.John is to make remarkable kind of music and develop it into greatness. The well-defined note and the really exciting factor will make you happy.


The well-directed music and the simple tone of the music will be liked by all people. The sensitivity and the uplifting generation of tune are cool. The straightforward approach to life is quite nice and enlightening. The video is now available on YouTube. Crisp and powerful music is really nice.


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