The Lyricism in Popular HipHop Star P3G Trap’s Music Video ‘Big High’ is Unbelievable

P3G Trap

Edgefield, Apr 23, 2019 ( – P3G Trap is one of the prominent names in the world of hip-hop and rap music. In his latest single ‘Big High‘he featured Guap Tarantino.  He is setting a new mark in the hip-hop world with his outstanding composition.  The track has multiple layered beats and the pitch in the track leaves the audience feeling bruised. The lyrics in the track offer a quickly interesting sense of character and the story-line within the track is refreshing.  The track ‘Big High‘is well structured and each line in the track is well composed. The verses and the hook in the track work perfectly. The track has beautiful soundscape and the presentation within the track keeps the audiences entertained throughout. The lyricism pours through and compels the audience. The music in his track offers an entrancing hit of escapism.

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The hook in P3G Trap‘s music video ‘Big High‘is natural and memorable. The rap vocal in between the melodic moments helps to take things in a definitely original direction. The work of the vocals and powerful performances throughout helps to create something which is quickly satisfying and much more memorable. The music and the video together in the track create a great impact on the audience’s mind. The intensity in the track ‘Big High‘keeps on rising as the track progresses. The music video has heart-melting lyrics and captivating visuals.

The melody and the rap flow in P3G Trap‘s music video ‘Big High‘ works really well. Each line in his track has something new in it and doesn’t’ give a monotonous feel. The track has a certain crisp and clean presentation which is genuinely refreshing. The riff in the track ‘Big High‘ lingers in the backdrop throughout which grabs the audience attention. The music and the lyrics in the tracks highlight the underlying sentiments beautifully. The track ‘Big High‘ deals with a specific subject matter and it drives the audience with clear intention and underlying sentiments which hold the audience attention close.

The personal touch stands tall and allows the whole thing to connect in a more genuine level. The performance and lyricism with the track ‘Big High‘ add more and more which fits the mood and manages to captivate the track in a whole new way. You can watch his other music videos by visiting the popular video streaming site YouTube.  You can get more updates about his upcoming music videos and events by following him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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