Launch-A-Wish sends wishes into space for chronically ill children

Ewing, Apr 30, 2019 ( – On May 7th, 2019 at 6:30am, Launch-A-Wish (Powered by EntraSpace), a local Princeton, New Jersey technology start-up will be launching wishes into outer space for the children of the Sunshine Foundation. The event will take place at: Army National Guard (152 Scotch Road, Ewing, NJ 08628), during the annual Sunshine Foundation Dream Lift to Disney World. 

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The sole purpose of the Sunshine Foundation is to answer the dreams and wishes of chronically ill, challenged and abused children, whose families cannot fulfill their dreams due to financial hardship. 

The Launch A Wish Team will be handing out Wish Kits to each child.  These kits will allow the kids to send their wishes, pictures, messages and prayers to the Launch-A-Wish memory capsule.  Once the capsule is full, it will be loaded into a spacecraft and launched into space and the heavens above. 

You can help support the Sunshine Foundation by purchasing a Wish Kit at  Fifty percent (50%) of all proceeds will be directly donated to the Sunshine Foundation for the month of May

Launch-A-Wish memory capsules create ZERO SPACE DEBRIS as they will be integrated inside U.S. APPROVED SPACE MISSIONS to the Moon and beyond.

Source :Launch A Wish, Sunshine Foundation

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