Hip-hop in its Subjective Formulation in DEDSEC 722’s Soundstream is a Lyrical Assertion of Sorts


Orlando, May 6, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – The expressions of hip-hop and its diversity in terms of addressing some of the most important social and personal issues have evolved through the ages of constricted cultural change. Following the same path of creative redemption, DEDSEC 722is putting out an alternative soundstream that justifies lyrical glory like no other. Questioning and acknowledging personal and inter-personal dilemmas, struggles, and undeniable incompatibilities, DEDSEC 722‘s sound, and lyrical magnetism is one of a kind.Working in and out of the standardizations of hip-hop as a genre, he has culminated the essence of its swift flow with the lyrics and made songs that exemplify life’s expanse and profanity in one line.

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DEDSEC 722 is a hip-hop artist from Orlando who has found his solace in music when everything else was falling apart. However, he emerged from everything that could have potentially brought him down and expressed his vigorous will to live through the cruel intentions of life through music-making. ‘If I Die‘ is one of his most impactful works of art that touches the territories of personal loss and sabotage with mental health forming the foundation of its thematic depiction. Working with the production team called Pinnacle Records, his other songs including ‘Sinister’ and ‘Who You Wit?’ are expressive takes on the differential sagas of individualistic variations.

Although DEDSEC 722is just starting out with his career as a musician, his wisdom on the wise ways of the world is already creating a lyrical extravaganza. As he continues to spread these words of wisdom across borders with the universal language of music, his rise to the top is just a few steps from attaining fulfillment. To be a part of this exceptional journey about life, its disparity in terms of perspectives, self-exploration, and the importance of balanced mental health, follow DEDSEC 722and his work of contemporary art on Soundcloud and Instagram right now!

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