Markdabeast1 gives fans an exclusive look at his well toned physique

Markdabeast1 showing off his amazing body

Vancouver, May 8, 2019 ( – American fitness model Markdabeast1 recently treated his instagram fans to a jaw-dropping picture, which certainly left a lot of his viewers totally hot under the collar.

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In the pic, the 25-year-old model was in the locker room prepping the camera to expose his amazing physique. The model takes his shirt off and posed for a selfie in the mirror.

Mark took the picture because he wanted to show his fans a sneak peek of his current physique that he had been working on professing for a long time, and he didn’t want to hide it from them anymore.

The idea infatuated many of his Instagram fans and including snap racked up a whopping 300 likes within 30 minutes of being posted. Markdabeast1’s fans had left many comments on his pic to let him know that he is “charming.”

One fan wrote that he is the “Milk of magnesia,” while another one opined that Markdabeast1 has the best symmetry in the world. Others wrote comments and expressed their desire to meet him and saying that they would do anything for a direct message from him. While his male fans commented that Markdabeast’s body and personality are inspirational on many levels.

In relation to his main page, Markdabeast1 also runs another account on Instagram, where he shares lots of never seen videos of himself to give fans a closer peek at his lifestyle. Markdabeast1’s fan love can be judged from the fact that his secondary account has amassed up to an additional 56 thousand followers.

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Apart from that, Markdabeast1 is also a new face to the acting career. He is known for casting as an extra in Sully (2016) and Glass (2019). which has a separate career for an Instagram page. A quick look at the page shows that his images are unique, and because he actively posts funny vids and risqué photos through his main page, it has become quite popular among male and female fitness enthusiasts.

The reason why Markdabeast1 is so popular on Instagram is not only because of his risqué photographs and funny videos, but because he is a popular model and, unlike many other competitive Instagram models, he has never undergone any surgery or steroid use to enhance his physical appearance

He has obtained his beautiful physique through a combination of healthy nutrition and exercise movement, as well as his good genetics which he inherited from his Mother who used to be into modeling and bodybuilding. According to an article by Medium, Markdabeast1 started modeling when he was 19 years old when his friend who was a photographer brought her camera over one day. Starting out as a fitness model, he’s now focused on using Instagram to show off his personality, instead of just his body.

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