Quassarians helping public sector in reducing imports by indigenous innovations

Quassarian Regular Meeting

Mumbai, May 8, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – “Wildlife, weather and Defense is a very niche sector holding $94 billion of market share is getting exploited tremendously. Due to its complexity, it’s touched very less by technology geeks and hence we have very limited companies that manufacture for this market. Prices of products in this domain is a hike and the government’s fund gets highly exploited in importing the special machinery of this domain.” Said, Sumit Ranjan, CEO Quassarian Innovations.

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Delhi Based Product Research and Development firm Quassarian Innovations aim have been to make Production barrier-free since it was founded in 2016 by Sumit Ranjan, A High School Drop-out Innovator.

Quassarians are building manufacturers out of importers in India and helping them upgrade and produce indigenous solutions of what they import machinery for at ten times lesser cost.  

Their work has finally paid off as the firm dethroned and Grabbed the Research Contract from Government. With nearly great active clients; the platform sees the team to Invent New Products every quarter which makes it one of the most Trending Product R&D firm across the world. It adds 5-10 new products Every Year to push the human generation forward.

Quassarian Brought many firsts in India’s product industry when it entered the market in 2016. It is India’s first top R & D Startup.

The startup kicked off with a team of 3 people, which has now grown up to an employee count of nearly 50 today Including Business Associates.

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Credibility and transparency is crucial for a Research service venture” Alisha Raj, COO Quassarian Said

It took long, it was a slow transition that happened over the last 2 years. In our first year, we got a single client to Work upon. When the cost of any product or service is less, people automatically question the quality. That was a big challenge for us right from the start. We were able to build a community around us gradually with time, which helped in the long run. Even today we don’t spend any money on advertising,” She said.

The focus on building a community helped because initial skepticism towards Quassarian Business model stemmed from the fact that retail Importers, who are often clueless about what they should purchase or sell, were not offered any research services.

To counter this, Quassarian launched its Service to Reduce the Manufacturing Costs of Products related to wildlife, Automotive, Defense and Appliances.  which has become immensely popular. It also started QBE Awards, an active Show where traders, Startups, and investors will meet and will be awarded according to their capabilities and at WBE Club can discuss ideas. Then there is ‘TECH CAFE’ an interactive Community being Known as ” INNOVATION OVER A COFFEE.

In addition, Company is also exploring into the Market in different Countries to resolve the Research related Issues with Recently Joined it’s Managing Partner Tarun Poddar who has been serving Apple South Asia.

Over time, Quassarian Innovation has used technology heavily to differentiate itself. Its R & D Platform is helping manufacturers of more than 40 percent of all retail trading turnover in India.

This brand is aiming to add 20 more Products in Wildlife Sector by 2020. “India is very dependent on foreign Importers to drive the country. For any country to do well, you need local residents to put their money in the market. The money shouldn’t just stay in fixed deposits and real estate. I want to encourage people to educate themselves and put the money in the Research ecosystem in some way or the other to drive growth,” CEO Sumit Ranjan Said.

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