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Kansas City, May 11, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Inspired by the beloved HODL coin, ROI coins’ intent from the beginning was to become a means of storing and generating wealth in an environmentally friendly way. ROI coins also provide users with three ways to increase holdings substantially — in as little as two days, or over the course of one or two years with Term Deposits. Interest earned on locked Term Deposits range from 4% to 593%, depending on the time period you lock your coins in a Term Deposit. Open balances earn 15%. Earning both on open balances or Term Deposits, does not require the wallet to be open. Hence environmentally friendly. Lastly, a built-in CPU mining feature enables anyone to earn coins with a common computer.

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Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and a few others commonly used as a medium of exchange to other coins, offer the ability to maintain high levels of volume and liquidity in the markets, and tiered market pricing that enables anyone to get into the crypto market at any price. There is a drawback. During the time you hold these coins or use them to trade into others, they do not increase in value (i.e., they do not generate more of the same coin), separate from the market forces that drive price.

ROI coin by its inherit design is intended to be that place of value add, when your coins are on the sidelines, awaiting an opportunity in the market.  ROI coin builds your coin base in the most energy-free alternative way, compared to other coins; in that term deposits and earning coins on your available balance occur even when your wallet is closed.  For the more aggressive saver and to support the ROI coin network, CPU mining (PoW) is enabled from within the wallet without any fancy scripts.  Just click and earn.

Will ROI ever be an instant merchant payment system? No. Technology has shifted, with Master Nodes offering insta-send payments.  ROI coin was not designed to compete on that level of instant transactions for everyday e-commerce.  As a store of value, if you think of ROI coin as the wallet in your back pocket or purse, it serves one purpose. It securely holds your wealth until an opportunity comes.  However, unlike your wallet or purse, ROI grows your funds.  Imagine 33% of your balance locked for one year in a Term Deposit to mature with a 593% return, while the rest of your coins earns an interest rate at 15%; even when the wallet is closed. By keeping a partial balance of coins available while earning interest, keeps your coins liquid, to move on an opportunity or hold and continue adding value in your ROI wallet.

ROI uses MIDAS difficulty algorithm that prevents hash attacks and ensures a clock-like cycle of blocks. This means that when you initiate a transaction, there is no delay — aside from the block time and confirmation time. Maintained by an active dev team that is continuously monitoring the blockchain. Maintaining seed nodes and block explorers and keeping current with crypto, seeking security issues in the code. The team is always available for questions and troubleshooting.  Minor updates and future enhancements are maintained on a Dev branch on GitHub, for all to see, for eventual integration into a non-mandatory wallet release.  Stability in the code is what ROI is all about. As crypto buyers and holders ourselves, the last thing we want is to be requiring frequent mandatory wallet updates.

ROI is meant to grow with you, building your position in cryptos. As well as helping recipients grow their balances, by being able to send locked Term Deposits in addition to a regular transfer. In Bear market times, or during those times when the right opportunities seem limited, you will still be confident, knowing that you are building your wealth at great rates. So, when that next opportunity comes your way, ROI allows you to pounce.

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