Jarrod is back to basic and quit dating

Pakenham, May 13, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Local 24 year old Melbourne Author/ Youtuber and Podcaster Jarrod A. Freeman (President of Triptekt Productions) also Jarrod wrote classics such as ‘Islands that float: Mega Lo Mania’ and ‘The awakening & Morale dismount: Forsaketh’ along with his controversial Art house project ‘ Prevent Break’  just to name a few.

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Today 12th May, Jarrod A. Freeman has officially announced his ending to relationships, Jarrod A. Freeman has stated his ‘Failed Relationships’ are no more being only 24 Jarrod A. Freeman, States on Instagram and Twitter that he is no longer going to be dating.

Jarrod A. Freeman said he will dedicate his life to the arts, Projects and Triptekt Productions, Jarrod has made Podcasts declaring his descent from Affairs and relationships.

Jarrod A. Freeman, has parted ways with his beloved ex Partner and that was enough to tip him to the edge. Jarrod A. Freeman, Know will dedicate his life to being an actual author rather then just being a Household name and an Image in the public domain.

In time Jarrod A. Freeman, Will date but In conclusion, he has not found the right one according to his words, Recovering from Maniac depression Jarrod will take his journey to paper.


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