Reike Raja Yoga Retreat – May 2019

Ashburn, May 13, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Divine Heart Center organized a Reiki Raja Yoga meditation and mindfulness retreat at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA from May 3rd through 5th 2019. A focused group of seekers from the UK, Canada, and the USA attended the retreat. Grandmaster Shailesh led the seekers into deeper levels of meditative experience.

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The retreat was an opportunity to have a one on one with Grandmaster Shailesh and other Reiki Raja Yoga masters of the Divine Heart Center – Parul, Rajat, Sunita, and Gaurav. This provided the attendees with a first-hand opportunity to experience the healing energy radiating from the spiritual masters’ auras.

In the opening remarks, Grandmaster Shailesh emphasized on the importance of self-effort for self-realization. He unveiled the simplicity of the Reiki Raja Yoga techniques for a busy lifestyle. The regular practice of these techniques helps the seeker progress on the path of self-healing and self-realization.

A signature Satsang marked each day of the retreat providing the seekers an opportunity to ask questions directly from Grandmaster Shailesh. Attendees received deep spiritual insights, experiences, and knowledge as replies to the queries from Grandmaster Shailesh. Retreat attendees enjoyed hours of meditation, which resulted in deep meditative states making them peaceful, cheerful and content. The sessions helped alleviate stress and instilled vitality. Evenings were marked by devotional chanting sessions. The kids joined in to share the joy. There was a special meditation session for kids. The meditation center was open early in the morning and late in the evening to enable the attendees to meditate longer.

The following techniques were taught and practiced in addition to other Reiki Raja Yoga techniques:

  • Reiki Kriya Meditation–an intense meditation technique, directly revealed to Grandmaster Shailesh, promotes healing of all aspects of the seeker’s life, as well as leads to ultimate liberation. A must-know technique for the serious seeker who has worldly duties to accomplish but ultimately wants to seek liberation.
  • Kriya Yoga Meditation–basic and advanced Kriya Yoga techniques to help the seekers accelerate their evolution and progress closer to self-realization.
  • Healing Chants–precise and enjoyable chants of the Divine Heart Center create positive vibrations in the aura of the seeker.
  • Intention-Manifestation–techniques to invoke the energy of the Universe to manifest worthwhile and uplifting intentions.
  • Spiritual Boost–transmission of Divine Grace and Will Power from the source into the body, mind, and aura of the attendees to support their practice after the retreat was over.

Other events that marked the retreat included the book release of the second edition of “Reiki Raja Yoga: Philosophy and Practice of Holistic Healing and Self-Realization” by Grandmaster Shailesh followed by a book reading and signing.

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Divine Heart Center believes in reducing the usage of single-use plastic products in order to protect the environment. As a contribution to the recent Earth Day, Divine Heart Center introduced stainless steel double insulated, recyclable and reusable water bottles. These bottles and paperback books are available at all the Divine Heart Center locations for purchase.

Announcements for upcoming retreats:

  • June 29th, 2019: Satsang and Reiki Raja Yoga Meditation Session by Grandmaster Shailesh in London, UK.
  • August 2nd- 4th, 2019: DHC Virginia Reiki Raja Yoga Retreat in Ashburn, Virginia, USA.
  • December 23rd, 2019 – January 1st, 2020: International  Reiki Raja Yoga Retreat in India.

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